First, We would like to congratulate the young women and men, who have shown interest in agribusiness and urban farming. 

We believe you have been empowered to take agriculture as a career, create wealth and employment for Africans.

Concerning Seeding Africa’s role in Agriculture and Peacebuilding in the continent, I dare say that peace and stability are not possible when people are hungry, poor and marginalised. 

Food insecurity, hunger and poverty are global problems that can only be handled by working together.

This means engaging the government, the corporate sector, NGOs, and International organizations.

Beyond that, Research institutes and Universities are vital in this fight.

At the centre of this,  are the graduates of APDC, you are our most prized and valued Resource.

African youths are rising, competing globally and setting trends for the rest of the world to follow.

Agriculture/Food security represents a basic requirement for peaceful societies as acknowledged by UN resolution 2417. 

This means that food insecurity may be a source of instability, especially in environments where there exist weak institutions and climate-related disasters. Droughts, for example, can put food security in jeopardy thereby raising the likelihood of violence and war.

Seeding Africa contributes to Africa’s stability by investing in agriculture, by extension enhancing lives and driving youth employment.

It is our earnest desire to collaborate closely with governments and grassroots communities to address these key issues, which we believe to be a fundamental cause of violence.

We will actively assist in the conversion of drylands to productive farmlands, as well as gaining access to seeds, and other agricultural requirements needed to jump-start commercial agricultural production in Africa.

To the graduates, We highly recommend applying innovation and creativity to all you have learnt.

We want you to know that your dreams are valid, 

Your ideas can take Africa to the next level.

The solutions you bring to the table do not necessarily have to be complicated, they can be simple yet excellent.

Three things you should consider when running with an idea
Collaboration, Upscaling and Replication.

Avoid trying to please or match the expectations of many, take out pressure and introduce focus in all you do.

Once again, We thank the leadership of Africa Projects Development Centre for taking this bold step to change the narrative about Agriculture, our youths and the continent at large.

We are confident that in no time, we will have cause to celebrate on a grand scale, setting a standard for other well-meaning individuals and organizations alike to follow.