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We envision an Africa where food crops are in abundance, and with your help, we can implement our goals in each of its 54 countries. Donate or volunteer and help transform Africa today.

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Africa, despite being rich in diverse natural resources and fertile lands for agriculture will experience a major food shortage in the very near future due to droughts, natural disasters, bad leadership, corruption, hoarding of massive tons of seeds by developed countries.
This will lead to millions of Africans dying of hunger which may cost major unrest worse then we have ever experienced before as a continent. We could work together as a global family of people of African descent to solutions geared at solving this impending crisis.


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Zimbabwe is back from the PARTICIPATORY ORGANIC RESEARCH ECOLOGICAL TRAINING. It was mainly for youths, and we are very happy by our youth response. The training was also considered with our
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Arda farmers appreciated the ZKTSA initiative. They thanked the visionaries who came up with the idea of going back to the Roots. Doing certain practices that speak to us as the
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Below are the coffee and macadamia demo nurseries. Chipinge officer Godfreyj reporting on the progress made so far. Macadamia nursery from May and this is what has been done now.
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With form three and form ones training on Global warming and climate change. students apprecited the idea of preserving the Environment, and natural seeds. Shean GPAN AHP: Touring of the garden and
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