Youth Projects


The Youth is the focal point through which Seeding Africa wants to effectively mobilise  and harness for sustainable development in the Agricultural value-chain, food security  and employment. Africa continent has vast arable lands, resources and youth human capacity  that need to be tapped for positive growth and development. The youths constitute a large chunk of the population and the overall goal to ensure food security in Africa, and its peoples, given the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the United Nations in 2015 is substantially through the  active participation of the youths in Agriculture.

Projections by the United Nations show that the world population will hit 10 billion people by 2055. Approximately 95% of this growth will take place in low and middle – income countries. Of this growth, Africa will account for 57% of growth (1.4 billion people). In particular, the population of sub Saharan Africa is projected to double by 2050 (that constitutes a 99% increase). Almost 60% of Africa’s population  is under the age of 25, making Africa the world’s youngest continent. On the positive side, the population provides an opportunity for the continent to address Africa’s sustainable development challenges. While the continent’s natural resources are vital, the creativity and innovation of its youthful population can play a key role in the continent’s economic transformation.

However, with this untapped youth potential to be harnessed for agriculture, Africa continent stands at a risk of increased food scarcity- insecurity, poverty, hunger and unemployment. It is undoubtedly expedient to state that the only sustainable way to get out of this quagmire worsened by food shortages-due to famine, drought, desertification, conflict and youths disinterestedness in Agriculture, will be to endear the African youths to embrace Agriculture wholly through effective policy directive, mobilisation, humancentred approach, empowerment and sensitisation.

There is a potential for agriculture to create employment, however, African youths in Sub-Saharan Africa do not realise agriculture as a profitable opportunity for livelihood. There is a growing notion that the best way to entice young people back to the farms is through making youths access information and communication technologies and communication technologies tailored for agriculture.  At the heart of this staggering truth, lies the efforts of our organisation to savage the situation by creating meaningful opportunities for engagement and sustainability for all through Agric-business, organic seeding, food production, and value-chain.

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