Youth Projects

Seeding Africa Planned Projects

We implement a practical and theoretical beginners Agribusiness initiative designed to develop agriculture students, beginner agribusinesses, and start-ups’ expertise, while also exposing them to the dynamics of the market, through education and leadership programs essential for achieving success in agriculture and agribusiness.

Why do we do this?
The program seeks to develop youth and student leadership, discuss challenges and opportunities in the corporate world of agribusiness, the value chain system, and farm management skills in beginning farmers or agriculturists, and, additionally, teach them to apply lessons and knowledge acquired to their businesses

How do we go about this?
By using the farmer’s field school method ( FFS ), which is a group-based learning process for achieving farmer’s empowerment, community development, and education of eco-friendly farming methods. Within that program, they will also receive knowledge on how to create, develop and pitch an agriculture-related business idea which includes market development and linkage as well as how to best maintain relations with sellers, buyers, and suppliers.

The expected duration of the training is 6 months. Below is one of our role models in West Africa

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Ismael Toure – Ivory Coast

Mathematic teacher by profession Young farmer producing pineapples, cassava manioc, and fresh vegetables (legumes) this young gentleman, currently own his own lands where he grows organic produce. His life was not easy getting where he is now. Despite the accident which set him back both physically and financially, he did not give up, in fact, it spurred him even more to do better and to be self-sufficient to the point that he can take care of himself and his family. Income generated from his organic farming was reinvested into 8 small businesses within his community and the surrounding communities which provides an income for those that he employs. All this would not have happened if he had not gone into agriculture and devoted his time, resources, and energy to it. He envisioned the future that he would like to have for himself and his community, you can do the same. Follow his example and take him as a role model.